Genetic food system identification for the betterment of human health, innovation and industry.


To utilize the durability, flexibility and replicative capacity of DNA for food system traceability.

The Index Story

Before we describe Index's beginning, some backstory is necessary. Founder and serial entrepreneur, Mike Borg, was the first technical hire (pre-revenue) at medical cannabis and e-commerce start-up, MedReleaf, which was eventually acquired for $2.5 billion. During Mike's (a software/data engineer) first days at MedReleaf, he met Dr. Jeremy Friedberg (a PhD in molecular genetics), and immediately gravitated towards Jeremy's efforts in the molecular characterization of cannabis strains. MedReleaf's exponential growth necessitated concerted effort in scaling the general operations of the organization, and Mike and Jeremy’s efforts were focused elsewhere.

As part of his responsibilities, Mike worked closely with Health Canada at the challenging task of developing some of the world's first commercial, mass-production seed-to-sale traceability processes and systems in the legal cannabis industry. These efforts would have a lasting impact. However, it wasn't until after the success of MedRealeaf that Mike and Jeremy had an opportunity to work together - beginning of 2019.

Index started the way all great startups begin; during a late-night conversation between friends. In this case, the conversation was about challenges in food system waste and recall. It was there, that Mike had a perceived "aha" moment. He immediately reach out to Jeremy for his thoughts. We started the journey. Two essential founder roles were quickly filled by David Singer and Kyle Fowler, close friends and business associates of Jeremy and Mike, respectively. The team has since been working on developing the technology and has been building a team with the smartest people they know. We are extremely excited about commercializing this truly interdisciplinary solution. We believe what we’re trying to achieve is too important for the food system to ignore.

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