• Traceability Let your product tell the story, without the packaging.
  • Product Differentiation It's not always easy to see difference.
  • Segregation Batch-level identification for cross-contamination.

Traceability, Transparency, Trust

Introducing BioTags™

Our core technology includes a patent-pending, bio-engineered, inactive yeast product, which we call BioTags. Yeast is ubiquitous throughout the environment and has been used to make bread, among other products, for thousands of years. It also functions as an amazing protective capsule and carrier for our identifiers.

By guaranteeing customizable biological identification that matches the operational and strategic requirements of customers, Index empowers a TraceForward™ approach to traceability. The platform can be easily integrated with existing systems and expands the scope of what is traceable – from seed to waste – without the packaging


One Solution, Complete Coverage

Simple Identification. Broad Application.

Food Safety

Reduce overall scope and time to resolve recalls by inoculating high-risk crops with any supply chain data (grower, region, lot/row, harvest date, etc.).


Indisputable evidence that the product you are purchasing is certified (ie. Country-of-origin, GMO, ethical sourcing, etc.).

Fraud & IP Protection

Get unprecedented insight into the details that enable true cost recovery. Not only definitively prove adulteration but have details related to batch level source of any breech.

Quality Control

Identify the exact batch from which a contaminant or allergen may have come from. Validate sanitation processes.

How Do We Stand Out?

Index has developed the first scalable, and customizable biological traceability solution.

Annual Foodborne Illnesses
$ B
Annual Food Fraud
$ M
Avgerage Brand Recall
People to Feed by 2050

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