• Introducing

    An inert genetic construct.
    A DNA Unique Identifier, or Nuclid™
    (short for “nuclear-identifier”).

One Solution. Complete Coverage.

Implemented as a stand-alone solution or alongside existing systems, our platform supports virtually any food system product (i.e. inputs, feed, seed, food and additives) across the entire supply chain...and beyond*.

*including post-digestion identification.

Our Process

Simple. Safe. Secure.

  • 1. Select

    Host organism and trace-application pathway selected.

  • 2. Design

    Nuclid™ (nuclear identifier) designed and embedding site targeted.

  • 3. Transform

    Nuclid™ Tag embedded in host genome.

  • 4. Register

    Nuclid™ profile is securely added to our registry.

  • 5. Renew

    Newly Indexed population is propagated.

Introducing TraceForward™

Due to the limitations of existing traceability best practices, industry must settle for one-step-forward/one-step-back traceability at every node in the supply-chain. As a result, investigations often involve costly and inefficient traceback protocols, especially when the source-of-attribution is at the start of the supply-chain. The outcome of traceback investigations are often inconclusive necessitating costly, broad-scale industry recalls.

Made possible by our Nuclid™ technology, TraceForward™ guarantees source-of-origin identification at any point in the food system.

  • Identify source-of-origin within minutes, independent of packaging, even in co-mingled and transformed products.
  • If the chain-of-custody is broken, TraceForward™ is your safety net.
  • Simultaneously attack any traceability challenge from source-of-origin and last-known trigger point.
  • At a minimum, halve the time it takes to find the source-of-attribution for any recall event, or investigation.

Foodborne Illnesses Reported Annually

The Global Food System has reached a tipping point. Fraud, recall, and waste are on the rise. Existing solutions are simply not enough.

Estimated avg Cost Of Recall For Brand in $USD

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